Frequently asked questions

Does this service work for anyone?

Yes, as long as you have internet access. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out what service will suite you best.

How much does the service cost?

Our offers differ to best suit your needs. To accommodate your business size, we base our pricing on how many numbers you need to send messages to.

At 13.5 cents (VAT exclusive) per SMS, our costs are the lowest in the market. In addition, we charge a small monthly subscription fee, which may vary; all depends on the structure of your data.

Bulk emailing is free from the system and makes part of your subscription fee.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation tailored to the requirements of your business.

From how many computers can we access/send messages?

Our system is web based. This means that you can access it with a username and password only from wherever you are able to have internet access.

Do smsweb come and install hardware/software?

No, we are web-based, and our servers send SMS’s directly to the South African cellular networks via internet connectivity. No modems, no SIM cards, no long-term contracts and also no Program so you are not tied to certain devices.

Do you do training on how to use the system?

Most definitely – training can be done telephonically or face to face if you are based in the Western Cape.

How do I log into my smsweb account?

Enter your login details provided by smsweb into the login area in the top menu. Phone +27 (0)861-767932 if you need further assistance.

Can cellphone numbers be changed once captured on the system?

Yes, most definitely. You are free to change, delete or add as many numbers on the system as you wish.

My contacts change cellphone numbers all the time

We know. That is why we liked the smsweb platform so much and licensed the use of many of their features. One of these is the non-delivery report, which immediately shows you which numbers repeatedly return non-delivery status from the cellular networks. It makes it easy to see which contacts are not receiving messages and allows you to quickly find out what numbers need updating.

Do we have to pay for additional training?

No. smsweb is known for their Service and Support and will always help to make the use of their service better for all their clients. Unlimited training and support whenever is needed.

We are under staffed - don't have someone to work the system

Once your data has been captured it becomes a breeze to use thereafter. Sending SMS’s to an individual, a group, or even to the entire contact list, will literally be done in less than two minutes. Compare that to the time taken on any other communication method, the time saving is obvious.

Where are you based?

Our office is based in Tygervalley - Cape Town. But we have clients all over South Africa and even outside the South African border. So there are no limitations to our service and support from where ever you are based.


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