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School-to-parent communication services

smsweb has been providing school-to-parent communication solutions to more than a thousand schools over the last 14 years. Our focus is on adding value and excellent client service.

Whether your school wants to make use of our easy to use web-based platform or connect via one of the many existing school administration software systems, we offer the most cost-effective packages for any school and can give you world class SMS and Email services to suit your budget and communications needs.


Instant 2-way communication

Our SMS and email messaging offer 2-way communications between school and parent. Parents can reply to any message sent from the school, and all replies are not only safely stored on our secure database but are also forwarded as an email to your school to allow for prompt responses to parent feedback or queries.


Our web-based service is secure. All schools require a unique username & password to access the service. Once logged in, a school can only view and interact with its own parent data.

Data privacy is of paramount importance and we have never and will never share any of our clients’ data with any 3rd party. See our privacy policy here.


Our service is reliable. With over 500 schools interacting with our service daily, we send between 100,000 and 200,000 messages per day – all delivered within minutes and keeping approximately 300,000 parents informed about their child’s school activities daily.

Cheapest in SA

Our SMS's are the cheapest in South Africa – period. Due to our volumes and the educational benefits associated to our service, we have been able to negotiate one of the best wholesale SMS rates available, the benefit of which we largely pass onto our client schools. Our SMS cost is 15 cents each (VAT excl), irrespective of the number of credits you purchase.

In addition, we charge a monthly service fee of 70 cents per learner (VAT excl) which covers unlimited school to parent emails, unlimited training, unlimited technical support, assistance with annual data uploading and an annual rollover of previous years learner information.

User friendly

Built for schools – not just another corporate bulk SMS service trying to fit your school into its product, smsweb has been built with schools in mind. Parent numbers linked to learners, ability to set up extra-mural groups and built-in filters for grades, classes, extra murals, home language and gender are all features which make our service easy to use for school personnel.

Web-based – being web-based, our service is available from any location where you have access to the web. Always available, you can now communicate with your parents where and when it suits you.

Send by Cell – probably one of our most liked features. Allows schools to link keywords to any group of recipients, and to trigger bulk broadcasts to group recipients by SMSing the keyword to a short code from pre-authorised cell phones. Ideal for allowing staff to SMS parents in bulk with only a single trigger SMS when away on sports tours, camps or when no internet or electricity is available.

Dead number report – we understand the nuisance to schools with frequently changing parent cell numbers. Our “dead number report” provides a detailed breakdown of consistently failing numbers, and links them with a specific learner, grade & class. This makes it easy to inquire about new contact numbers from a learner, which schools then use to great effect to not only update their smsweb database but also their other administration and financial systems.

Targeted Communication –we often receive positive feedback on the ease of use when it comes to recipient selection. smsweb allows schools to send to either a single recipient, all parents in a school, or any group or combination thereof. This provides instant targeted messaging to individuals on sensitive matters, for special groups interests, or for broadcasting announcements to an entire school.

Detailed Reporting – various reports are available and provide detailed information relating to message delivery status, undelivered messages, learners per grade, class or group and replies received. Our reports are often used as evidence/audit trails in disciplinary hearings, and our detailed usage statistics assist schools with reliable budget forecasting.

Improved learner


Instant communication between school and parent about undesired learner behavior allows for mature and joint corrective actions to be applied.



School attendance and safety of learners improve drastically when schools alert parents of non-attendance.

Improved school fee collections


Payment reminders via SMS & email has proven to increase fee collections by as much as 50% in some of our schools (extra collections which exceed the cost of our service for the entire year).

Improved parent involvement


By keeping parents informed, school meetings are better attended, important matters are addressed better, less organisational headaches, and better parental involvement in learner academic outcomes are achieved



All our staff genuinely believe that our service assists schools in providing a better educational outcome for our children, and hence we will always strive to give our best to our schools.

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