School Testimonials



TEL: (011) 435-0362
Thank you all at smsweb for the smsweb system. We are now able to keep our parents informed if we are sending out letters, having a parents evening, handing out reports etc. In the past when we handed letters to the pupils to give to their parents, very few of the letters reached the parents. Especially in the case of the difficult pupils, where they don’t want you to be in contact with their parents. We are able now to inform parents if pupils do not arrive at school. Inform them of problems in class and good and not so good results of tests. It is a wonderful system for last minute changes in closing times. In a culture where pupils have to be fetched from school it enables us to inform parents of cancelled sports fixtures etc. I don’t know how we managed before it.




TEL: (011) 782-7212
The SMS Service specifically helps our Pre-Primary with important messaging like the Big event that we had yesterday. It is also helping us get rid of a lot of excess paper in that we do not have to send out as many flyers to inform parents of things happening at the school, which often they do not even collect let alone read, making it very environmentally friendly and cost effective. I also use it as a reminder to pay monthly fees and to remind parents should the child need to bring a specific item to school. It has really enhanced our administration and communication channels and we cannot imagine life without SMSWEB.



TEL: (011) 646-5542
We are really happy with our SMS Service! Initially we were concerned that our parents would end up receiving endless advertising messages but this has not been the case. Parents are extremely happy to get reminders of functions at school, and our Grade 3 parents were particularly happy with the contact (via us) when their children were away for two days on camp. We sent messages when the children arrived at camp, when they finished the day, early the following morning and again when they left to return home. When the bus was late they received another one and a lot of them came into the office to say how much they appreciated the contact. We did a survey on the school recently and were able to remind the parents at 07:00 two days running to return their replies. It meant a greater response to returning the slips. The system is an excellent way of communicating. I think one of the most important factors is the cost – to have a service as you supply at such a low cost is wonderful. The system is easy to use and although it is time consuming to initially load on the children, once it is done to send a message takes seconds. We appreciate the support that we have received from Lisa. When our parents have replied to the SMS sent SMSWEB have always made the effort to send us these replies via email. We hope that you will continue to provide such excellent service to the school’s, parents, children and staff.




TEL: (012) 546-6685
Our school started using smsweb in March 2007. Initially we thought that the system would only be utilized for short messages to the whole school, followed up with more detailed newsletters. As it turned out, that is not at all the case. SMSWEB has become an integral part of our communication system with our parents, in some cases eliminating the written document totally, which has both cost saving and environmental impact. It is quick and easy to communicate with a single parent pertaining to a disciplinary issue, or with an entire group such as one of our sports teams or our revue group, reminding them of practice times, games or performances. Smsweb has also demonstrated its value as a marketing tool, reminding parents of social functions of fundraisers, ticket sales or help that is needed at school. Recently we urgently required two temporary staff members, and once we sent out the sms to all parents, notifying them of the situation, and requesting to notify us if they know of a suitably qualified person, both positions were filled within a week. Parents are reminded via sms to sign learners books or tests, ensuring that the parents or guardians are kept up to speed on the level their children perform at. The initial set-up and maintenance is extremely easy with constant help and assistance from their friendly and trained personnel. From an administrative, marketing and teaching perspective, smsweb has definitely proven to be a valuable tool in communication at our school, saving us time and money.




TEL: (011) 970-3040
We are VERY happy and impressed with the unlimited service we have. It has improved our communication with our parents million fold and our parents gave us extremely positive response to the SMS system. We shall definitely use it again in future.




TEL: (012) 661-5525
Dankie vir die SMS web se diens aan ons ouers. Dit is ‘n uitstekende kommunikasiemiddel tussen skool en ouers. Dis eerstehandse kontak met ouers en voor leerders dalk al vir ouers kan vertel weet hul dit reeds. Leerders kan nie meer briewe, aanmeldings, laatkom, rapporte wegsteek vir ouers nie. Nou kontak die ouers die onderwysers en ons nie meer die ouers. Ons spaar aansienlik telefoniese onkostes. Aangesien ons ‘n tweetalige skool is het ons ook die keuse om met die ouers te kommunikeer in hul taal. Met groepe wat gebou word, vergemaklik dit kommunikasie baie maklik. Die graadvoogde skakel direk met ouers. Die SMS stelsel werk. Ons het al baie positiewe terugvoer ontvang van ons ouers.




TEL: (011) 646-1007
We, the Parkview Senior Primary School use your service very often because it is an easy way to inform parents. Sometimes we do have important messages to be delivered to parents and SMSweb is helping us a great deal. We are really happy that we can use your service.



TEL: (013) 752-8148
Laerskool Nelspruit has been on “smsweb” for two years. Being able to communicate 24/7, 365 days of the year is the ultimate! Getting the attention of our parents, in the comfort of their own homes, ensures that nothing we do go unnoticed! A school can not function properly if they try to run their communication systerms with out dated and old fashioned news letters. smsweb is the future! Short and sweet!




TEL: (017) 811-5856
DIT IS DIE BESTE TOEVOEGING TOT ONS SKOOL IN ‘N LANG TYD!!!! Weekliks langs die sportvelde kan ons hoor hoe die ouers ook hul opinies gee rondom die hele stelsel. Baie positiewe reaksies word feitlik daagliks ontvang deur ouers wie hul dankbaarheid uitspreek teenoor byvoorbeeld die feit dat hul nou vir die eerste keer kennis dra van hoe hul kinders werklik optree by die skool. Een voorbeeld van die afgelope Sat: “ek het altyd gedink ek het engeltjies grootgemaak, maar nou sien ek eers werklik wat hul aanvang by die skool”. Vir die eerste keer in ‘n lang tyd werk die dissiplinêre stelsel aangesien die ouers nie net die kant van hul kind hoor nie. Die ouer het eerstehandse kennis van ‘n oortreding feitlik onmiddellik beskikbaar. Die feit dat daar met al die ouers op ‘n effektiewe manier kontak gemaak kan word rakende vergaderings, byeenkomste ens. ten opsigte van skoolsake is ‘n groot plus! Die hoeveelheid sms’e wat maandeliks uitgestuur word is so doeltreffend en koste-effektief dat daar sekerlik nie een ander stelsel is of was wat so ongelooflik werk nie. Die toegang tot die stelsel is ook baie eenvoudig en te danke aan goeie riglyne wat ek al telefonies ontvang het van julle, kan baie van die selnommers wat moontlik foutiewelik op ‘n persoon se naam is, ook reggestel word. DANKIE VIR ‘N PUIK STELSEL!!!




TEL: (017) 826-5260
We at Piet Retief Primary School are grateful for the help SMSWEB has provided us. It is much easier to communicate with parents via SMS and they get all the news from the school sooner than a circular letter. We don’t know what we will do without SMSWEB.




TEL: (013) 257-0021
Die SMS stelsel laat ons skool baie geld spaar! Briefies met kort inligting is ‘n ding van die verlede. Kinders het gereeld nagelaat om omsendbriewe aan hulle ouers te gee. Nou kry elke ouer, of hy/sy nou in Timbuktu sit, die boodskappe van die skool Die SMS stelsel werk gr8




TEL: (016) 932-2010
We at Laerskool Emfulenipark would really like to thank you for the service you render. Our communication to the parents increased tremendously since we make use of smsweb.




TEL: (013) 235-2111
In the past we send out about one or two messages out per month. Now we are sending out two to three messages out per week. Our parents are really pleased with the open and effective communication system. The reminders are also very fruitful, as the attendance of the parents at the functions are positive. It also increased the discipline of the learners, because the parents are informed about every newsletter, meeting and problem at school. The SMS system is at the moment one of the most valuable tools in our day-to day management.




TEL: (017) 634-7612
Firstly I would like to thank SMSWeb for this great service that you and your team is offering our school. Last night the Governing body had a meeting and one of the topics is the positive feedback from our parents. The parents just can not get enough sms’s. Now for the first time the school can keep them up to date with everything happening. Nothing is a crisis anymore … this morning we had cancellations on our netball championships, it took us only one SMS to short out the problem. Parents do not always have the time to read newsletters, but you would not believe the response of the sms. Thank you again for the BEST SMS service !!



TEL: (018) 788-3239
Carleton Jones High School has been using the services of SMSWEB for over two years now and have found that the system works very well. We are able to send sms messages to a specific class or to the entire school. We are also able to single out grades or a specific learner’s parent. Carleton Jones High School relies on the services especially before exams, public holidays or to inform parents of a parents letter that has been sent out. Due to the communication between the parents and the school, the attendance of meetings by parents has increased so that much more effective communication with the parents can take place. As high school learners do not generally take parents letters home, we have found this an extremely effective way of dealing with parents. We would recommend the use of SMSWEB to any institution that needs to have communication with a vast amount of people.




TEL: (018) 787-2197
On behalf of the management of ROTARA SCHOOL, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all persons involved with the SMSWEB service.We are a school that caters for learners who have severe intellectual disabilities. We have approximately 150 learners at school. Our school has a hostel with 48 learners. We also provide transport for learners from different areas. We receive a partial subsidy from the Department of education and majority of our learners come from lower socio-economic groups. Finance is a big problem at school. We try to save money as much as possible. The SMSWEB Service helps us by cutting out calls to our stakeholder. Making individual calls and sending our written notices is time-consuming and not cost effective. With the SMSWEB, we are able to generate one SMS that can be sent to all people concerned. The following are some of the different ways that our school uses the SMSWEB Service:

  • Notify parents about events at school, for example, Sports Day, Parent evenings, etc.
  • Inform parents of upcoming hostel weekends,
  • Send our regular reminders about payment of fees.
  • Communicate with parents if we have a problem, for example, breakdown of vehicles, emergencies or general information.
  • Able to generate groups, which saves time and all relevant parties is informed.

We thank you for your excellent service. You have made an incredible difference in the quality of service delivery at ROTARA SCHOOL.



TEL: (044) 690-3058
The first, and really the most important, benefit we have experienced is a decrease of at least 45% in our telephone bill, and this, being a private school, is a bonus!! Secondly, instant communication with our parents!!! Today we had to let the parents of our Grade 10,11 and 12 learners know that the exam they are writing will go beyond the normal finishing time, 26 cell phones calls were not necessary. A tremendous money and time saver. Thirdly, it is a pleasure to organize functions and get parents on board, send out reminders of meetings and finalizing planning in this way. Bottom line is, that at last we can communicate with ALL parents at any time, about anything as the need arises, saving time, paper and telephone costs. Thank you for this wonderful service.




TEL: (021) 659-1052
Since we began using SMSWEB’s service at the start of last year we have had nothing but positive feedback from our parents at the school. We use the service primarily for notifying parents of changes in matches, venues, onset of wet weather, special events, etc. The service is very simple to use and to update. We have had a noticeable drop in complaints from parents not knowing what is happening as they feel far more informed and up to date. I thoroughly recommend the use of this service in both the academic and commercial sectors. It is a very practical, affordable and efficient method of communication and the service from SMSWEB has been outstanding.




TEL: (021) 872-1730
We truly experience this sms service as a huge help in communication with parents. We also receive feedback from parents thanking us for using the sms service to keep them informed. We use it to: let parents know if there is a sudden change in the programme of the day remind parents of important meetings market fund raising events We just started to acknowledge sponsors who support our school by SMS’s Since this year we have an uncapped use of SMSs and cannot imagine successfully communicating with parents without this service.




TEL: (028) 312-4301
The sms web service has provided our school with the much needed means of easy comunication with our student’s parents. It’s provided us with a quick and easy way of conveying reminders about important dates and events. It is the fastest and simplist way of getting our mesage across!




TEL: (028) 713-1064
Laerskool Volschenk, op Riversdal wil graag vir SMS Web bedank en gelukwens met die SMS- stelsel wat veral vir skole ontwikkel is. Dit het die kommunikasie met veral ons ouers, leerders en gemeenskap bevorder. Die stelsel help veral met reëlings t.o.v. sportoefeninge as dit reën, die vervoer van leerders tydens sportbyeenkomste, die dissipline van leerders, kennisgewing van vergaderings, inligting i.v.m. gebeure by die skool, ens. Die stelsel maak ook kommunikasie met spesifieke groepe, soos die personeel, OOV-bestuur, beheerliggaam, verskillende sportspanne, graad- en klasgroepe moontlik. Die kommunikasie is vinnig en effektief en help beslis met doeltreffende bestuur. SMS web se ondersteuning is tans baie goed en ondersteunend. Ek sal enige tyd die diens vir ander skole aanmoedig en hoop dat dit nog verder uitgebrei sal word.




TEL: (021) 872-4237
Ek kan net met die grootste lof praat van SMSWeb. Eerstens die tegniese ondersteuning, nie dat jy dit baie benodig nie, is altyd beskikbaar en professioneel. Die personeel gaan uit hul pad om jou te help en weet waarvan hulle praat. Jy sukkel nie. Vir ons skool het die SMS-diens net positiewe gevolge gehad. * Die skakelbord se inkomende-telefoonoproepe is DRASTIES verminder. By ‘n skool moet jy “van pleisters plak” tot gevorderde rekenaarwerk doen, terwyl jy tussendeur onderwysers, ‘n skoolhoof, buite mense en ouers GELYK moet hanteer. Dit bly maar ‘n onmoontlike taak, maar almal doen hul bes. Dit maak die lewe oneindig makliker as jy nie dieselfde boodskap soos “Ja, die sport is afgestel / verskuif as gevolg van die reën, ens.” oor en oor wil herhaal nie. (Dit is ook nie baie stimuleerend nie!) * Die skool se beeld is baie meer professioneel. Die beeld wat die skool uitdra na ons ouers is een van ge-organiseerd. (Ouers kan hulle eie program beter beplan omdat hulle korrekte/nuutste inligting dadelik by hulle het.) * Kostebesparing: Ek stuur baie boodskappe aan ouers, die terreinwerkers en onder andere buite mense wat ons skool se fasiliteite gebruik. * Akkuraatheid in skoolbestuur: Ek kry nie meer klagtes dat ‘n onderwyser sê “hy het nie sekere inligting ontvang nie”. Al sit hulle in die skool, sukkel ons soms om aan al 34 van die kantoor se kant af ‘n boodskap deur te gee. Nou is dit nie meer ‘n probleem, want ek print sommer my bewys dat ek die SMS boodskappe gestuur het. * Afkondigings: Ek print sommer die SMS wat ek gestuur het vir afkondigings. Geen verwarring, spaar my tyd en die afkondiger juig, want my handskrif was altyd ‘n probleem! * Ongemaklike situasies: Ons het ‘n ouer wat leukemie het en ‘n maand oor het om te leef, ‘n seun wat aan ‘n seldsame siekte gely het en verlede week begrawe is, kinders wie se pa verlede week in ‘n kaping doodgeskiet is. Dit was net verlede week. Dit is vir my baie makliker om boodskappe van bemoediging, reëlings, ens. aan hierdie betrokke mense deur te gee. * Opkoms na geleenthede baie beter: Ons het ‘n drastiese toename in ons getalle by opkomste na skoolgeleenthede gehad. * Opedae: Veral nuwe ouers is baie beïndruk as jy hulle uitnooi na ons opedag met ‘n SMS.




TEL: (021) 659-1037
Smsweb has been very valuable to us in many ways. As we are dealing with really young children it is imperative that parents are informed timeously should an extra-mural event be cancelled. This is always possible with your system. We are also producing a play later this year and many of our “Moms” are involved in the preparation for this. i.e. making costumes etc. When they wish to call a meeting for certain parents at short notice smsweb makes it really easy for us to send out the messages with the largest number of people being able to attend. This would not be possible by any other means ie email as many parents do not check their emails on a regular base. This really is a wonderful service and comes highly recommended.




TEL: (021) 873-1362
Die ouers is al verslaaf aan die diens – dit verminder ook papier-werk! Dit is regtig ‘n aanwins, spaar baie tyd en kan dinge ook vergemaklik met dringende veranderinge. BAIE DANKIE!!




TEL: (021) 987-1630
By Monument Park Hoërskool beteken die stelsel baie vir ons; Ons laat weet elke dag vir ouers as die kind nie in die skool is nie en dan vind hulle uit hul kind bunk. Ons is baie tevrede en gebruik dit al meer en meer.



TEL: (021) 872-8293
Thank you SMSWEB for your wonderful service. The reminders and messages we’ve sent out to our parents is really a great help. We’ve received so much positive remarks from our parents. We also know that this service will be of great help for us for the remainder of this year. Thank you also for the friendly service we receive from your staff in assisting us.




TEL: (021) 854-7316
Laerskool Lochnerhof wil hiermee vir sms-web bedank vir die diens wat hulle aan skole beskikbaarstel. Hierdie diens maak dinge vir ons makliker, want: dit is baie effektief om belangrike inligting enige tyd van die dag na ouers/afrigters/groepe te kommunikeer – dit help veral baie wanneer daar skielike veranderinge opduik, bv. wanneer ‘n sportoefening gekanselleer moet word a.g.v reën dit is koste-effektief dit neem nie baie tyd in beslag nie die span is altyd behulpsaam en vriendelik Dankie sms-web!




TEL: (021) 797-9661
We have been using sms web for just a few months and it has proved to be a very valulable instument to our school. Generally parents don’t read long circulars but just reminding them of some details and events at the school via sms really works.




TEL: (022) 433-2253
Ons gebruik SMSweb baie. Dit is ‘n vinnige en effektiewe metode van kommunikasie met ons ouers. Dit is ook in vergelyking met oproepkoste verskriklik goedkoop. Ons gebruik ons diens om ouers in kennis te stel van briewe wat na hulle uitgaan via hulle kinders. Ons stel hulle in kennis van vergaderings en ander reëlings. Ons sal ook ouers in kennis stel van goeie prestasies van leerders.




TEL: (021) 872-1541
Vir Hoërskool Gimnasium in die Paarl het smsweb ‘n nuwe, verbeterde, doeltreffender kommunikasie met ons ouers bewerkstellig. Ouers kontak ons ook gereeld om te sê hoe lekker dit is om inligting van die skool af d.m.v. sms’e te kry,aangesien hoërskoolleerders nie altyd die inligting deurgee nie! Ons sal baie moeilik weer sonder hierdie stelsel kan funksioneer! Die hulp en leiding van almal by Smsweb se kantoor is baie professioneel, doeltreffend en altyd vriendelik!




TEL: (021) 790-4449
I would just like to drop a quick note in a very busy day in the life of the school. SMSweb has made a tremendous impact in the school life. Previously, a large proportion of my time was taken with phoning various parents. These calls would sometimes necesitate phoning three different numbers to reach a parent. I SMS once and all the parents receive the information. The parents have also made comments that communication has vastly improved since the inception of SMSweb. Thank you to SMSweb for making this valuable service available to schools.




TEL: (021) 685-7295
Many thanks for the service you have made available to our school, Groote Schuur Primary. We are starting to use the service more and more and find it very useful indeed. The teachers were at first a little wary of it until they discovered how easy it is to use. We are still under using the system I know but as the months go by I can see us using it more and more for sports events, PTA meetings, sports events that have been cancelled, etc.. Once again, thanks for the service, it is great.




TEL: (023) 356-2229
SMS-web maak alledaagse reëlings en organisasie baie makliker vir skole. By ons skool word dit baie gebruik soos bv. met sportdae en die weer wat ‘n groot rol speel – ons het nie nodig om Saterdagoggend 6uur al die ouers te bel om te laat weet die sport is afgestel nie en almal weet op een tydstip daarvan. Personeel en leerders kan op datum gehou word met verwikkelinge soos bv ‘n herinnering aan vergaderings ens. Aangesien dit ‘n algemene probleem is dat leerders nie briewe aan ouers oorhandig nie maak ons gebruik van sms’e om almal in te lig oor bv. ‘n skoolbasaar en fondsinsamelings ens. Die sms’e wat ons uitstuur verminder al die onnodige oproepe na die skoolkantoor om uit te vind oor gebeure. Dis werklik ‘n gerieflike metode om almal in kontak te hou met wat aangaan en dis gebruikersvriendelik. Die diens is vinnig en probleme (wanneer dit soms opduik) word in ‘n japtrap uitgesorteer.




TEL: (021) 762-5707
I have no hesitation in recommending the SMS web service. We are finding it invaluable in communicating with our parents. Attendance at meetings and getting reply slips has improved a great deal since we had the unlimited SMS service. We are able advertise events without relying on newsletters, which usually end up at the bottom of school satchels!




TEL: (028) 713-2549
Graag bedank ek u vir die diens gelewer met betrekking tot die beskikbaarstelling van u diens aan ons skool. Die skool benut die SMS-diens en ervaar die volgende aspekte as gunstig en bydraend tot ‘n effektiewe kommunikasiestelsel. – versoeke word dikwels tot ons ouers gerig op kort kennisgewing – uitnodigings en bedankings word aan ouers gerig gedurende of kort na aktiwiteite – program- en vervoerreëlings word op kort kennisgewing aan betrokke ouers deurgestuur – bevorder effektiwiteit van fondsinsamelingsprojek – meer effektiewe kontak met oudskoliere en ondersteuners Verseker ‘n stelsel wat nog meer effektief aangewend kan word.




TEL: (021) 887-6934
Ek hanteer die smsweb-stelsel en ervaar dit as ‘n baie gebruikers vriendelike stelsel. Ek het ook al baie positiewe kommentaar van ons ouers gekry wat my eintlik bedank vir sms’e, want dit vergemaklik hul reëlings baie! Ons is regtig baie tevrede!



TEL: (046) 653-0651
SMSWEB has opened new doors for our school, and we will never look back. Parents do not read letters, even if it just a short note, but they read a sms. Things could change very quikly in a school day, for instance if the weather changes, the sport arrangements have to be changed. In today’s world where it is not safe for children on the streets, it is a valuable asset to keep parents informed about the school programme all the time. Thank you to smsweb for this wonderful tool you put in our hands.




TEL: (041) 374-5604
The SMS system is wonderful. Lots of the parents responded positively. Very effective. Dankie vir die goeie diens, doen so voort!




TEL: (041) 581-4227
Dankbaarheid is seker een van die moeilikste emosies om te vertolk, veral as dit vanuit die hart kom, wat graag reg wil laat geskied aan persone wat ‘n onvergeetlike indruk op jou gelaat het. Daar is geen moeiliker taak as om jou dankbaarheid te toon nie, juis omdat dankbaarheid nie alleen denke is nie, maar ook beleidenis, danksegging en dus mededeelsaamheid. Dit is juis wat jy en jou firma geopenbaar het, met julle professionele optrede en betrokkenheid by Laerskool Setlaarspark. Julle stelsel wat ons ge-implimenteer het, het werklik ons kommunikasie met ons ouers en personeel ‘n nuwe dimensie die lig laat sien. Julle onbaatsigtige betrokkenheid word werklik waardeer en gaan nie ongesiens verby nie. Wees verseker dat julle professionele optrede en goeie diens, julle uitstaande kenmerk is. Belangriker nog is die grense van vriendskap wat gevestig is, en nie maklik verskuif word nie. Nogmaals baie dankie vir die wonderlike stelsel.




TEL: (041) 365-1233
We definately find the service extremely helpful and would wish all our parents to participate there-in.




TEL: (041) 508-6415
We at Victoria Park High School, Port Elizabeth have found the smsweb service to be invaluable. It takes a few minutes to compose and send the message to all our parents and within no time we get responses. It saves us so much time and we’re assured that the messages are getting to the parents now. We don’t know how we survived without it!



TEL: (058) 863-2701
Namens die gemeenskap van Reitz wil ons SMS-Web bedank vir die diens wat hul aan ons bied om ‘n SMS-stelsel by die skool te gebruik om op kort kennisgewing ‘n boodskap by die ouers uit te bring. Die skool se kombi met ‘n aantal kinders het met geleentheid na Frankfort gery en die Kombi het die pad verlaat as gevolg van ‘n band wat foutief was. Ons het die boodskap ontvang kort voordat die skool uitgekom het. Ons het ‘n sms uitgestuur waarin ons die situasie aan die ouers verduidelik het en sodoende almal gerus gestel het oor die situasie. Die stelsel het groot nut om ouers in te lig. Ons waardeer u bydrae.




TEL: (056) 212-5731
Dit is voorwaar ‘n heerlike diens wat gelewer word. Ouers kan binne sekondes in kennis gestel word van enige belangrike gebeure by ‘n skool. By ons skool spesifiek is dit baie behulpsaam tydens sportbyeenkomste en die tye wat busse vertrek en arriveer. Ouers lees nie altyd al die briewe wat uitgaan nie of leerlinge gee nie briewe aan hul ouers nie. In die verlede het hulle ons aanmekaar gekontak om tye te kry. Nou sms ons net die betrokke dag die tye wat ouers moet hê, en daar is geen telefoonoproepe meer nie. Ook wanneer ‘n onderwyser verjaar of daar ‘n spesiale geleentheid plaasvind wat ons dink die ouers behoort te weet, sms ons bloot die boodskap. Die stelsel werk ook goed wanneer die skoolrekeninge van leerlinge die dag uitgaan, ons sms net dat die ouer moet seker maak dat hy/sy die betrokke maand se rekening wel ontvang het. So word baie misverstande uit die weg geruim. Ons hoop dat die stelsel nog vir baie jare in plek sal wees, veral indien daar ‘n borg kan wees, aangesien ons skool maar baie ouers het wat finansieël baie swaar kry en nie altyd die R20 het om by te dra nie. Die skool wil ook nie sommige ouers uitsluit wanneer dit by so ‘n diens kom nie.




TEL: (058) 653-1254
We wish to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent service that you are providing us. The following are our demographic details: We are a bilingual Afrikaans & English school with 815 learners from previous disadvantaged communities in the region of Qwa-Qwa, Harrismith and Kestell. As there is still not infrastructure everywhere in the rural areas, the sms service is the only contact that we have with the parents. They appreciate this contact very much as it is the first time that they are up to date with dates and times of school functions, happenings and sports events etc. We use the service extensively regarding bus arrival times so that they can collect their children at various pick-up points in the areas when they come back from different towns late sometimes. Since we started with this service, our parent attendance at disciplinary meetings, parents- and budget meetings have increased dramatically, as the learners tend not to give them the letters we send out, but now they receive the sms directly. We really cannot currently contact our parents on a regular basis at all without the support of this service.




TEL: (058) 813-1010
Ons weet nie hoe ons tot dusver sonder die sms-stelsel oor die weg gekom het nie! Gou-gou ‘n boodskap by die ouers of belangrike inligting wat moet deurgaan en ons stuur net ‘n sms. Hierdie diens is vir ons ‘n groot verligting. Baie van ons kleiner leerders gee eers die kennisgewings vir hul ouers ‘n dag of 2 te laat en sommige vergeet sommer heeltemal, MAAR met die sms-stelsel kan geen ouer sê dat hy nie inligting ontvang het nie! Dankie ook vir julle wonderlike diens. Ek kan maar net die foon optel en binne ‘n paar minute ten volle gehelp wees. Dankie vir julle vriendelikheid.




TEL: (051) 432-2432
This service is indeed a useful tool. The can be used in case of emergency. Usually learners would forget to pass letters to their parents sometimes conveniently so because you want to see their parents. In case you want to cancel a school activity or meeting in a short notice is quite crucial.




TEL: (051) 447 6845
We would like to congratulate you on a great service provided to us. SMSWEB has helped us a lot in communicating to our parents and we have had great response from our parents. Every time we have to send information to our parents it is so quick and easy to use, I would know because I am the person responsible for sending the SMS’s. Also the porn block service that you provide is excellent. Thank you for your great service.




TEL: (051) 422-4941
By ons skool kan ons nie meer sonder die sms-stelsel werk nie. Vandat ons die stelsel gebruik het ons algemene kommunikasie veral met ons ouers baie verbeter. Die leerders besef dat ons nou direk met die ouers kommunikeer en hulle kan dus nie meer briewe wegsteek of vergeet nie. By geleentheid was daar ‘n kind met aansteeklike breinvliesontstekeing en ons kon dadelik alle ouers daarvan in kennis stel. Die reaksietyd op ‘n sms is net baie vinniger as met vorige maniere van kommunikasie. Die diens wat ons van smsweb ontvang is van uitstekende en professionele gehalte.




TEL: (056) 212-4551
I am the developer of SAPRO SUITE, an administration program used by schools in the Free State Province. I’ve seen the potential value of sms communication that smsweb offers and decided to built it into my system. The program now can automatically create discipline incidents and absenteeism, informing parents of their child’s behavior at school. Educators do not have the time to contact parents, informing them about the learners. Also, contacting each parent can be costly. With this system communication is improved, efficient and cheaper! Schools can get a message out to all of the parents very quickly, without the worry that learners will not pass it correctly over to their parents! The sms communication tool was introduced to Kroonstad High School at the beginning of the year. Parents are informed about sport results, meetings, circulars (that normally would not have been given to the parents by their children) and of course the learners’ behavior. The response was very positive! This has improved the communication between parents and the school! I would like to thank smsweb for their great service, improving communication and making life just a little bit easier for schools. Together our technologies make a good team!




TEL: (051) 402-2500
Sedert die ingebruikneming van SMS WEB, deur die skool, is daar ‘n geweldige reaksie t.o.v. ouerbelangstelling in skoolverwante sake. Ons ervaar ‘n beduidende toename in ouers wat oueraande/middae bywoon asook beter reaksie op rapporte en verslae wat uitgegee word. Dit alles omdat die ouers onmiddellik en direk ingelig word oor alle gebeure by die skool. Baie dankie vir die fasiliteit!!!!