Cost-effective SMS Messaging Solutions!

Cost-effective SMS Messaging Solutions!

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SMS Service

An online communications solutions provider, working with schools in South Africa for the last 11 years, SMSweb enables schools to keep parents up-to-date with what is happening at the school via SMS, Email and Instant Messaging. Schools can use our stand-alone web based platform or connect our system to their existing administration system.

SMSweb prides itself on offering high levels of service to our schools and works as a communications solutions provider, tailoring solutions to each school. What we have learnt over the last 11 years is that each school is different and has different needs.

We offer tailor made packages for schools and can give you different combinations of SMS, Email and Instant Messaging to suit your budget and communications needs.

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Instant Messaging AND Juggl

Another benefit of the growth in smart phone usage is the emergence of Instant Messaging as a real alternative to SMS’s and with this in mind SMSweb teamed up with Juggl to create an Instant Messaging app specifically designed for schools, teachers, parents and learners.

  • A free and secure mobile messaging, calendaring and content App
  • Free to download
  • Replaces SMS’s
  • Secure, no ones cell number is revealed and all messages are stored
  • Puts reminders for important events into a recipients phone
  • Includes a place to pay for school fees, activities and even stationery (coming soon)
  • Includes Curriculum aligned content with progress reports which alerts teachers and parents when homework is done (coming soon)



Due to the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, email messages are growing in popularity and email on mobile phones is becoming the norm. Communicating via email will save on costs, as there is no charge for sending emails from our SMSweb system. There is no limit on document length, and the SMSweb system can also accommodate attachments, making it ideal for ensuring that newsletters and circulars reach parents whilst also saving on printing costs to the school.

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Provides you with a choice of packages to communicate with your parents.